Public Speaking

As an experienced speaker and master of ceremonies, Jordan has added his signature ‘touch of class’ to countless events throughout New England. His friendly delivery, sense of humor and ability to connect with audiences large and small, make him a great fit for any occasion. Jordan is a dynamic speaker who offers talks on many different subjects including radio, film, music, history, language, and business. He is also a master celebrity auctioneer.

"I gear my talks to fit the audience. Often, people want to hear about my adventures in radio or get that unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of the broadcasting business. Stories, humor and life lessons figure prominently in my presentation. Most importantly, I respect the audience and nature and purpose of the event."

Jordan is available for:

• Guest speaker or Keynote
• Master of ceremonies
• Expert auctioneer
• Game show host
• On and off-stage announcer

For more information or to hire Jordan Rich for an upcoming event, please call 781-356-1500 or e-mail